Laurel Bordeaux

Burlesco DiVino: Christina Criniera-Fashion Model, Grapevine

Ms. Bordeaux received her training at the Rock School of the Pennsylvania Ballet and the Academy of International Ballet in Philadelphia. In 2005 she was a finalist in the international ballet competition, Youth America Grand Prix.  She danced professionally on the East Coast for two years before moving to Seattle to join Ballet Bellevue.  In 2012 she moved to Las Vegas to dance for Nevada Ballet Theatre.  She currently performs in Tournament of Kings at The Excalibur, as well as dance companies in Las Vegas, Utah and the Pacific Northwest. 


Cookie Bellini

Through The Looking Glass:  Alice

Cookie is from Seattle, Washington. She trained with Pacific Northwest Ballet School and studied privately with former New York City Ballet principal dancer, Stephanie Saland. Cookie is a former member of Seattle’s Spectrum Dance Theater, Quorum Ballet of Portugal and Whim W’Him. She has also performed with Peter Schaufuss Balletten in Denmark, Seattle Dance Project, at the Fifth Avenue Theater, and is a member of House of Verlaine.


Juwana Heart

Through The Looking Glass: Tweedle Sister, Flamingo, Mushroom

Burlesco DiVino:  Vanessa-AVespa-Girl, Oracle

Juwana has danced with Electriq Dance performing jazz funk and hip hop, currently dances with Tribellas fusion belly dance trio, and Black Floor Collective performing Jazz and Contemporary through Westlake Dance Center. She currently trains in Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Tahitian dance. She was excited to be able to perform in Burlesco DiVino last year while 9-months pregnant, and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy a week later.


Fosse Jack

Burlesco DiVino: Dario-A Fashion Designer

Fosse Jack, the “Limelight Loverboy”, is a Seattle based actor-dancer turned ecdysiast, occasional emcee, sometimes producer, and budding choreographer. He has appeared with some of Seattle’s top burlesque talent, is the co-founder and artistic producer of Jack & Wood Productions (with Polly Wood), has collaborated with local drag team Sister Leigh Love, and is a proud member of the BurlyCon Steering Committee. Fosse has performed in numerous burlesque shows in Seattle since 2010 and recently choreographed and co-produced (with Sailor St. Claire) The Tennessee Tease, an original burlesque play based on the life and works of Tennessee Williams.


Ivy D’Vine

Through The Looking Glass:  Flamingo, Mushroom

Ms. D’Vine is a dancer with a background in various styles ranging from belly dance to contemporary and hip-hop. She is currently a member of the tribal fusion belly dance trio TriBellas and Westlake Dance Center’s contemporary group the Black Floor Collective.

When she is not working or dancing, she enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her comical and darling 1 1/2 year old.

When she is not working or dancing, she enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her comical and darling 1 1/2 year old.


Persephone Illyri

Burlesco DiVino: Allesandra Euturpe-A Fashion Model, Roman Woman

Persephone Illyri is a classic burlesque and striptease artist based in Seattle, Washington. Known for unapologetic sensuality and effortless poise, Persephone is trained in ballet and numerous social dances including salsa and blues. She performs regularly around Seattle, and has brought her signature femininity and tease to the stages of international festivals including the New Orleans Burlesque Festival, the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, the Moisture Festival, and more.


The Luminious Pariah

Burlesco DiVino: Georgio Prosecco-A Socialite, Bacchus-God Of Wine and Ritual Madness

Mr. Pariah has been sharing his effervescent style with the world since early 2009 and draws upon his extensive background in physical theatre and dance to present inspirational showcases that are designed to celebrate the thrilling highs and questionable lows of the kooky world we live in.  He tours the U.S. extensively and has performed in over 80 international productions throughout Europe, Australia, and Canada. Mr. Pariah is also a founding member of the boylesque troupe Mod Carousel, who recently made a splash with a YouTube video that garnered 5 million views.


Erika Zabelle

Burlesco DiVino: Babs Lawson- An American Choreographer

A native Seattleite, Erika attended school for musical theatre in NYC and has performed at various theatres in Seattle, as well as around the country. Burlesco DiVino is her first foray into burlesque and she adores every minute of it. She currently resides and works in Los Angeles performing weekly as Tyler in Point Break Live! You can also check her out in the third season of Comedy Central’s “Drunk History”.


Paris Original

Land Of The Sweets:  Tea Twin, Foliage, Arabian Bodyguard

Through The Looking Glass: Knave of Hearts, The Dormouse, Cook

Burlesco DiVino:  Gianni Zanna-A Pit-Stop Boy, Leopard Attendant to Bacchus

A professional dancer, Paris Original is poetry in motion and exudes the graceful elegance of balletic beauty. Paris calls on his experience in dance and theatre to craft his unique style of burlesque. Possessing a statuesque aesthetic, he captivates, inspires, and wins the hearts of audiences everywhere. Paris is a founding member of the internationally recognized male burlesque troupe, Mod Carousel, and a three-time Burlesque Hall of Fame award winner.


Trojan Original

Land Of The Sweets:  Coco the Toreador, Arabian Bodyguard, Volga-Guy, Blossom

Through The Looking Glass:  March Hare, Caterpillar Cavalier, Cook

Burlesco DiVino:  Allesio Zampa-A Pit-Stop Boy, Leopard Attendant to Bacchus

Trojan Original has been performing for over a decade and has had the honor of working with Verlaine and McCann productions from the early start of his burlesque career. He was trained in ballet, jazz, and modern dance, and had a seven-year dance career before stumbling upon burlesque and jumping ship almost entirely. With burlesque, Trojan has had the opportunity to tour around the world and perform extensively across the United States. Notable highlights of his career are performing in London and Australia, touring Alaska every summer, and winning three awards in the Burlesque Hall of Fame along with his brother Paris Original.


Tory Peil

Land Of The Sweets:  Hot Chocolate, Volga-Gal, Snowflake

Through The Looking Glass:  Cheshire Cat, White Queen, Maryanne

Burlesco DiVino:  Pietro Coda-A Socialite, Grapevine

Ms. Peil grew up in Ashland, OR where she studied under Sylvia Bolton. She spent summers on scholarship with Pacific Northwest Ballet, Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet and Northwest Professional Dance Project. She has danced with St. Louis Ballet, 5th Avenue Theater, Seattle Opera, The Can Can, Teatro Zinzanni and Spectrum Dance Theater.  She is currently part of Olivier Wever’s Whim W’Him dance project.


Isobella Bloom

Through The Looking Glass:  Drink Me

Isobella Bloom graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Musical Theatre and a minor in Opera in 2008.  Some of her favorite roles over the years include playing Belle in Beauty and the Beast, Kate in Kiss me Kate, Viola in Twelfth Night, Drink Me in Alice in Wonderland and the Absinthe Fairy in Bohemia.  Since moving to Seattle, she is now happy to be a part of the rotating casts of Hotel NoTél, The Double-Down Burlesque Revue, Burlesque Behind the Pink Door, and The Can Can Cabaret.


Ginger Glam

Burlesco DiVino: Nicoletta Veglione-A Fashion Model, Roman Woman

Ms. Glam has danced her whole life and enjoys every type of dance. Seattle has been her home for over a decade. She has worked with a variety of fantastic choreographers and companies, including: Veronica Mendonca/VAM, Catapult/Michele Miller, Catherine Cabeen/ Hyphen, Alana O Rogers Company, Jason Ohlberg, Zoe Scofield and ARC Dance Productions.


Dreamy Tangerine

Land Of The Sweets:  Janet-a Snowflake

Through The Looking Glass:  Alice

Burlesco DiVino: Annalisa Vendemmia-A Fashion Model, Roman Harvester

Dreamy Tangerine received her dance training at the Evergreen City Ballet and attended Summer Dance Intensives at ABT and the Joffrey Ballet in New York City. She has performed in Seattle Opera’s productions of Rigoletto and Die Fledermaus. She is also a company member of House of Verlaine.


Tom-Tom the Phenomenon

Through The Looking Glass:  Paraffin-a Chandelier

Tom-Tom received his BA in Performing Arts from Colorado State University. After graduation he spent two years dancing for Alaska Dance Theatre in Anchorage. He then moved to Seattle to begin working with Whim W’Him.  Tom-Tom performed with Ballet Bellevue, Olympic Ballet Theatre, International Ballet Theatre, Alana Rogers, The Robbie Turner Review, and House of Verlaine.


Maiden Egypt

Through The Looking Glass: Queen of Hearts, Mushroom, Flamingo

Burlesco DiVino:  Benedetta Barbieri-A Fashion Model, Oracle

“The Sultry Serpent”, Maiden Egypt has always had a passion for all things exotic.  She draws her inspiration from the Art Nouveau & Art Deco eras, the Golden Age of belly dance, and tribal jewelry & textiles. She holds a BFA from the University of Washington in Graphic Design.  Ms. Egypt continues to evolve her vaudevillian style of belly dance and burlesque through her training in ballet, jazz, tribal fusion, and Oriental dance. She is the founding member of the award-winning fusion belly dance trio TriBellas, and trains with world-renowned belly dancer Rachel Brice.



Burlesco DiVino: Vanessa Vesta-A Socialite, Goddess of The Hearth

Fireminx‘s first fire experience was performing fire safety for Portland’s Izanami/Luminous Flux troupes at Burning Man. She joined forces with her good friend WenZilla to form the now defunct Nocturnal Ignition. She moved to Seattle and joined the fire-performance collectives Pyrosutra in 2004 and Womanipura in 2007. She has performed within the great circle at Burning Man since 2002. If you happen to meet her outside of a show, please buy her a whiskey cocktail.


Miss Indigo Blue

Through The Looking Glass:  Mad Hatter, Tiger Lily, The Duchess

Known as “Seattle’s Sapphic Sweetheart” and “The Twirly Girl”, Miss Indigo Blue is an internationally recognized performer and educator. She is the founder and headmistress of The Academy of Burlesque, designs handmade TwirlyGirl pasties, is the curator of BurlyCon, and is a member of The Atomic Bombshells. She is the star of the documentary film “A Wink and A Smile”. In 2012, she won the title of Reigning Queen Of Burlesque in the Main Event of the Burlesque Hall Of Fame Weekend.


Babette La Fave

Land Of The Sweets:  The Sleepytime Reveler, Snowflake, Blossom

Through The Looking Glass:  Jabberwocky, Tweedle Sister, Cook

Ms. La Fave has been performing in the worlds of circus, cabaret, and burlesque for many moons. Starting in Vancouver BC, she was a member of the Karen Jamieson Dance Co., Fluffgirl Burlesque Society, The Wormwood Bros. Circus Sideshow, and her own theatre/dance troupe, The Empire Follies.  She is currently a member of The Atomic Bombshells burlesque troupe and Sister Kate Dance Co., Seattle’s premiere vintage chorus girl dance team.


Red Delicious

Land of The Sweets: The Maid

Washington’s own Red Delicious has been gracing the stage with her unique energy since the 1990’s. She loves spinning tassels and making the audience squirm! Her character, Tulips, is stagehand, pickup artist, and comedienne. She was a founding member of BurlyQ: a Queer Cabaret.  Red is the business manager for Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque and a proud BurlyCon Board Member.


Jasper McCann

Land Of The Sweets:  Charles Drosselmingus

Through The Looking Glass:  White Rabbit

Burlesco DiVino:  Lanzo Travaglio-An Italian Musician

Mr. McCann is a jack-of-all-trades entertainer, musician, writer, and humorist. He is the Co-Producer, Associate Artistic Director, Technical Director, Writer, and Lyricist of Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker, Through The Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice In Wonderland, Burlesco DiVino: Wine In Rome, Hotel NoTél, The Double-Down Burlesque Revue, and A Night To Remember: Corsages, Cake, and Cabaret.   He has been a vocal and instrumental musician all his life. He has hosted events for prominent philanthropic organizations such as Artist’s Trust, Sunflower Children, Treehouse4Kids, and The Benevolent Guild, as well as burlesque and variety shows since 2005. He served as the emcee of internationally-touring Atomic Bombshells from 2006-2013. He is building a growing resume of voice-over and screen performances, most recently voicing characters on the PBS series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. He is currently writing a guide on mid-century etiquette & style, has begun work on his first musical, and is now the lead singer, lyricist and co-songwriter of the psychosurfajazzabilly band The Pornadoes. 


Lily Verlaine

Land Of The Sweets:  The Countess of Coffee, The Snow Queen, Prima Floriarina

Through The Looking Glass:  Caterpillar, Red Queen

Burlesco DiVino:  Donatella ChiantiWidowed Socailte and Arts Patron

“A living, breathing work of art,” Lily Verlaine is a classical ballet dancer and burlesque artist. She has studied at San Francisco Ballet and other notable schools with some of the most beloved names in ballet including David Howard, Laryssa Sklyanskaya, and Gelsey Kirkland.

Lily is the Co-Producer, Artistic Director, and Choreographer of Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker, Through The Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice In Wonderland, Burlesco DiVino: Wine In Rome, Hotel NoTél, The Double-Down Burlesque Revue, and A Night To Remember: Corsages, Cake, and Cabaret.  She is the Choreographer and Artistic Director of L’Histoire de Melody Nelson, and of the her new dance troupe, the “exquisite assemblage of daring classical artists”, House Of Verlaine.

Lily was one of the original members of The Atomic Bombshells and has performed as a soloist in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and The Portland Art Museum. Her international influence continues to expand in the wake her 2nd-runner up performance in the 2011 Burlesque Hall of Fame Reigning Queen of Burlesque competition, launch of The Mortal Vintner’s 2012 “Lily Verlaine Viognier,” appearances at high-profile charity events in Hong Kong, and through the worldwide distribution of Deirdre Timmons’ documentary film, “A Wink and a Smile”.

In 2014, she, Paris Original, and Trojan Original won the title of Best Group Performance at Burlesque Hall Of Fame Weekend.

For more on Lily Verlaine, visit her website.


Marissa Quimby

Land Of The Sweets: Volga Gal, Snowflake, Blossom

Misty is delighted to have joined the cast of Land of the Sweets in 2015. Classically trained, she studied at the School of Performing Arts and FineLine Theatre Arts in Connecticut before relocating to Seattle. She has performed in various festivals including Northwest New Works at On the Boards, Chop Shop, Tacoma’s MOVE! Festival, and Ten Tiny Dances, as well as many productions at Velocity Dance Center, the 5th Avenue Theatre and Seattle Opera. She was a member of Donald Byrd’s Spectrum Dance Theater for three seasons before joining Coriolis Dance where she is currently a dancer and Executive Director. Marissa can also be seen performing with House Of Verlaine, Alana O Rogers Dance Company, and seasonally with Can Can Productions.


Moscato Extatique

Land Of The Sweets: Rosette-a Snowflake

Moscato Extatique is a classically trained dancer and award winning choreographer based out of Seattle, WA where he earned a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts. He’s appeared in work by Donald Byrd, Sidra Bell, and was a member of LED Boise. Moscato is one fourth of world-renowned burlesque sensations Mod Carousel, a dancer for House of Verlaine and BenDeLaCreme. He has also appeared in the Texas Burlesque Festival, the Moisture Festival, The Seattle & New York Boylesque Festival.


Lena Fox

Through The Looking Glass: Brass-Chandelier

Lena Foxe was raised in the wild west of Tucson, AZ. She refined her classical training in ballet, jazz, tap, and modern while fulfilling a B.F.A. in dance at the University of Arizona.  Immediately after graduation, she toured internationally with Art.If.Act Dance Project and was a performing apprentice with Interweave Dance Theater in Boulder, CO.  She has performed in numerous live performances in the Pacific Northwest, most recently as an aerialist with The Cabiri.  Ms. Foxe is delighted to join Verlaine & McCann in Wonderland.


Tova Da Luna

Land Of The Sweets: The Angel, Snowflake, Blossom

Tova has been an influential part of the Seattle circus scene for 10 years. She trained at the nation’s top ballet schools including School of American Ballet (NYC), San Francisco Ballet School, and Pacific Northwest Ballet.  In her aerial career, she has toured in Ireland, instructed the circus staff at Club Med resorts, and has passed auditions for Cirque du Soleil, Dragone Productions, and Cavalia. A newcomer to burlesque, she has appeared with The Atomic Bombshells, collaborated with Verlaine & McCann, and competed at Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend (2015). She appears regularly at events for clients such as Microsoft and Google, and holds weekly residencies at The Pink Door and Q nightclub. She has worked with local groups The Acrobatic Conundrum, The Aerialistas, and USC Events, and instructs privately at Versatile Arts and SANCA, where her students continually inspire her.


Elektra Luxe

Land Of The Sweets: Crystalina- A Snowflake

Burlesco DiVino: Thalia Venturi- A Socialiate, Roman Harvester

Ms. Luxe received her core training at Berkeley City Ballet and Ruth Asawa SF SotA. She graduated from the Ailey/Fordham BFA dance program in May of 2016 and returned to the west coast. Since then she has worked with artists around the Pacific Northwest including LED, Kate Wallich’s YC2, Katie Scherman + Artists, House of Verlaine, Daniel Costa Dance, and Dacha Theater. Like many who credit a love of dance to the first sight of the nutcracker, Ms. Luxe fell in love with burlesque after seeing Land of the Sweets and is thrilled to be performing with Verlaine & McCann Present.


Alice Cao

Land Of The Sweets: Marzi The Sheperdess, Tea Twin

Alice Cao is a Seattle native. She received a scholarship to train at the Pacific Northwest Ballet School after being selected for their DanceChance outreach program.  She has performed professionally with American Repertory Ballet, Singapore Dance Theatre, Ballet Memphis, Company C Contemporary Ballet, San Francisco Opera, Oakland Ballet Company, and locally with ARC Dance.  She is delighted to make her burlesque debut with Land of the Sweets.


Patrick Jeffrey

Land Of The Sweets:  The Rat King, Volga-Guy

Patrick Jeffrey is incredibly excited to join the cast of Land of the Sweets this year! For the past three holiday seasons he has been living it up in the Sugarplum Forest of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Patrick has most recently found his passion in musical theater. Over the summer he was an ensemble performer at The Ordway Theater in St. Paul. He was part of West Side Story, Jesus Christ Superstar, and In the Heights. He thought that his days as the King of Rats was over, but he’s happy to say that he’s ready to jump back into those shoes for a night you won’t soon forget.


Jeneé Enchanté

Land Of The Sweets:  Snowflake

Ms. Enchanté grew up in the Pacific Northwest. As a ballerina she danced with Ballet Austin and Tulsa Ballet before dancing as a Las Vegas Showgirl for 8 years. Now currently a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Instructed, she also has the pleasure of teaching classical ballet.


Kate Olson

Land Of The Sweets:  Bandleader, Woodwinds

Kate Olson (KO) is an improviser, woodwind specialist, composer and educator. She has lived in Seattle for almost 8 years. Kate’s work has been recognized with multiple Earshot Golden Ear Award nominations and performances in just about every major Seattle venue from Benaroya Hall to the now-defunct Cafe Racer. Kate’s performance resume also extends outside of the US, featuring performances in Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Latvia, South Korea, and Cuba. She has appeared on stage with Sir Mix-A-Lot, the indie rock band Devotchka, members of Pearl Jam, Nada Surf, the Posies, jazz chanteuse Patricia Barber, and iconic minimalist composer Terry Riley.  KO is most proud of her original work, and can be seen performing in Seattle and across the country as KO SOLO, and with her bands KO ELECTRIC and Syrinx Effect. She is incredibly honored to be the bandleader of the Nutcracker Nonet and a collaborating composer/arranger with this year’s production of Land of the Sweets.


Michael Owcharuk

Land Of The Sweets:  Keyboards

Michael Owcharuk is a composer, arranger, pianist, music director, sound designer, and educator. His love of all music compels him to work in many genres: jazz, new music, modern chamber and orchestral music, Slavic folk, rock, and music for theater, dance and film. Michael leads the Michael Owcharuk Quartet and is a member of Crystal Beth and the Boom Boom Band, the Kate Olson Ensemble, and Nick Droz and the Lost Cause. He works musically supporting and collaborating with a diverse range of artists, maintains a private piano instruction studio, and is an accompanist for the Pacific Northwest Ballet School. He holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Cornish College of the Arts and his music has been featured on/by: NPR, KEXP, SIFF, Bumbershoot, Earshot Jazz, The 1448 Projects, Bushwick Bookclub Seattle, Book-It Repertory Theater, Café Nordo, Seattle Theater Group, Seattle Repertory Theater, ACT, Karin Stevens Dance, Freehold Theatre, Theatre22, and many others.


Dave Pascall

Land Of The Sweets:  Double Bass

Dave Pascal plays bass with The Love Markets, Carrie Clark and the Lonesome Lovers (whom he’s joined on several European tours), Show Brazil, and The Jazz Police. He performs regularly at The Fifth Avenue Theatre, in other theater and club bands, recording studios, and as backing for national touring acts.  He has many album credits as a producer and engineer and his work as a composer, producer, sound designer, and music director includes Emmy-winning TV projects, award-winning educational multi-media, and shows at theaters in Seattle and around the country.


Robert Beasely

Land Of The Sweets:  Trumpet

Robert Beasley is a trumpeter, composer, and educator based in the Seattle area. He performs regularly with The New Triumph, Jim Cutler Jazz Orchestra, and Charly Hernandez, and has backed up many touring artists, including Ahmad Jamal, The Smithsonian Masterworks Jazz Orchestra, Maelo Ruiz, Tony Vega, and Frankie Negron. He maintains a private music studio on the Eastside, teaching brass and piano students.


Dexter Stevens

Land Of The Sweets:  Woodwinds

Dexter Stevens is a freelance woodwind musician who plays for all kinds of shows in the greater Seattle area.  He can be heard playing lead reeds with the Seattle Rock Orchestra, and has played in the pit for many Seattle theaters including Artswest, Seattle Children’s Theatre, Taproot Theatre, and Village Kidstage.  Dexter performed with Book-it Reparatory at the Nordo Culinarium in 2017, and in October he played his third year with the Can-Can’s This is Halloween!  Dexter is a Nutcracker fanatic and couldn’t be more excited to join Verlaine & McCann for their first year with a live band for Land Of The Sweets.


Josiah Boothby

Land Of The Sweets:  French Horn

Josiah Boothby is a versatile hornist devoted to new music, with a particular focus on improvisation and creative collaboration with composers and other artists. Josiah has performed as a soloist at the Warsaw Autumn Music Festival and has collaborated extensively with numerous composers including Ewa Trębacz, Eyvind Kang, and Ahamefule Oluo. Principal hornist with the Seattle Modern Orchestra and fourth hornist in the Yakima Symphony, Josiah can also be heard playing with the Jim Knapp Jazz Orchestra, Seattle Chamber Brass, as well as on recordings with The Debaucherauntes, Dan Mangan, and Sunn O))). When he’s not playing his horn or teaching, Josiah can be found hiking and climbing around the Pacific Northwest, dancing Blues and Contra, or staying in to bake pie.


Stephanie Seymour

Costume Designer

Stephanie is from Vancouver, British Columbia and moved to Seattle in 2011.  She graduated from Capilano University and then worked in Vancouver’s film industry  on set and in special effects costuming.  After moving to Seattle Stephanie managed the costume shop at Teatro Zinzanni and currently operates her own costume design studio in upper Queen Anne. Stephanie is thrilled to have collaborated with Verlaine & McCann since 2014, and is joyfully thinking about all the future sparkle and glamor they will create together.


Maria Manness

Production Manager

Maria Manness is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts and is currently putting her degree to use as both the Production Manager of Washington Ensemble Theatre and the Technical Director of Seattle Public Theater. As a Stage Manager, she has worked previously with local companies including ACT, Azeotrope, West of Lenin, as well as the 5th Avenue’s Rising Star Project. Outside of the arts she works in consent advocacy and education with the Consent Academy.


Shelby Adelle Rogers

Wig/Headpiece Design & Styling

Shelby has been working professionally  for nearly 18 years as a theatrical hair and makeup artist.  In addition to Verlaine & McCann, she also builds and styles hair for Teatro Zinzanni.  Shelby is the Head of Specialty Makeup at Pacific Northwest Ballet, principal makeup artist at Seattle Opera, and adjunct faculty at Cornish College of the Arts.  She loves collaborating with this inspiring group of performers and artists.


Jenn Hill

Wardrobe Mistress

Jenn is elated to be back in the Land of the Sweets as Lily & Jasper’s Wardrobe Mistress. She spends her time away from burlesque in the local theater community as a wig maker and running her custom wig business, Emerald City Wigs.  When she isn’t in a theater she’s hiking or exploring this beautiful city.