Isobella Bloom and Rhinestoning Land of the Sweets

Verlaine-McCann-Presents-21IZZY-BW-e1426009641786The wondrous Isobella Bloom is an integral part of the success of Land of the Sweets – you may see her front of house at The Triple Door, but truly her shining work happens behind-the-scenes. One specific skill she has is with a rhinestone. We caught up with Isobella to learn all about it – take a peek!

You do beautiful work rhinestoning many costume pieces seen in Land of the Sweets – how long does it take you and how do you figure out how exactly to place the rhinestones?

Why thank you! I always love working on Land of the Sweets pieces. There are so many different characters, moods, and ideas to work with surrounding this show.

The inspiration for creating new pieces, or updated pieces from the show in the past is endless. I spend many hours imagining what I want the end result to be and slowly, like a sculpture, I mold the stones to reflect (literally) what the character aims to be in the show. I can spend anywhere between a few hours and a few days embellishing one piece. I was taught by the inimitable costume master and burlesque superstar, Catherine D’lish on how to use a “mathematical eye” to place the stones. Creating shapes and colors can’t really be defined, the designs always come from the shape, materials, and colors of the piece I’m working on.

Recently, I worked on two pieces that I am really proud of. First of all, Waxie Moon, has a new crown in his Rat King Act. The crown has so many layers of different stones and materials and sparkles incredibly. It has it’s own special moment in his act, and it really shows that he is the king of all kings with his royal and ultra dazzling crown. Second, Lily Verlaine has some snowflake and icicle inspired heels for her role as the Snow Queen. I worked on them for about three days, and they don’t just sparkle, they shimmer with deliciously subtle crystal and light blue tones. They are just to die for. I am also personally embellishing Ms. Verlaine’s eyebrows with crystal stones before the show. Swoon. I also love Tory Tiara’s Hot Chocolate bra and panties. Super sexy black and gold stones with bits of sultry reds. She looks unbelievably hot.

What was your favorite piece to work for Land of the Sweets? Can anyone rhinestone? Are there any secrets you can share? Any special type of rhinestone better than another?

I suppose anyone can rhinestone, but it does take an extreme amount of patience to do it. It is easy to just glue a few stones on here and there to add sparkle to anything, but it does take a critical designers eye to truly make a piece that is unique and beautiful. I prefer to use Swarovski stones. They are the original rhinestones created in the late 19th Century and they are simply the best.

Why is it so important to rhinestone certain pieces of costuming for the stage?

The show itself is so dazzling and dreamlike. Embellishing certain pieces just adds to the larger than life and stardust quality of the dancers. Also, stones enhance certain delightful curves of the body and it is, in fact, a burlesque presentation. More is more! Trojan Original and Paris Original as the peacocks made by Louise DiLenge of Teatro Zinzanni in the Arabian number are absolutely beautiful. Also, made by Louise DiLenge of Teatro, Tory Tiara and Trojan Original’s Spanish inspired Hot Chocolate duet costumes are daring and remarkable. Lily’s new Snow Queen costume by Stephanie Seymour is so wonderful – it’s as if Narnia and Oz got together and hosted the best frosted holiday cocktail party. Laurel Bordeaux is so delightful in the Doll act, and her costume, made by Danial Hellman, is always gorgeous.

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